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scrambling for packages

I am working on something for a class that has so far involved python programs implementing ecological models (space based, disease based, structured by age groups, etc).  My final project involves modeling something different, a physics-based thing.  I can explain this later.

The professor has approved a plan to use an existing physics engine when preparing my model, so I'm working on my model itself rather than just working on implementing the physics myself. 

Problem: I am having a hell of a time trying to get a functioning physics engine and 3D graphics engine installed.



  • Everything in this class is on Linux. Yay! This affects physics engine and graphics engine selections, though.

  • It's been years since I used c++ and the time scope is not really amenable to relearning it AND working on my model, so something made in C++ is fine, but I need Python bindings.

Attempt: Ogre for 3D, Python-Ogre for Python bindings, Bullet for physics, and something that lets Bullet and Ogre work together.
Fail: Python-Ogre binary listed near Debian/Ubuntu suggestions turned out to be a Windows binary.  Compiling from source didn't help.

Attempt:  Crystal Space for 3D. It's supposed to be able to interface with Bullet for physics.  It's supposed to have a Python module called cspace to handle Python bindings.
Older packages of Crystal Space on Ubuntu had cspace, but no longer!

Options for physics: Bullet, Newton.
Options for graphics: Blender?

Solution: Seems that Fedora's package for Crystal Space still has Python bindings, and Crystal Space is in the repository. So... the hand-me-down spare laptop is now dualboot Fedora and Plan9 instead of Trisquel and Plan9.